Snow Belt receives state and federal grant funding to assist community members with critical home repairs.  

Landlords can also qualify for the Property Rehabilitation Program when they agree to rent their apartments to income eligible tenants for a "period of affordability" (timeframe determined by the funding source). 

The purpose of the Rental Rehabilitation service is to improve the health, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. Grant funding is not intended to be used for home improvements that only make your house look nicer. All homes assisted with grant funds must use a minimum of $1,000 in grant assistance.

The following is a priority list of repairs eligible for assistance. Any items that would cause your home to violate HUD Housing Quality Standards or local and state building codes must be addressed first.

First Priority:
Roof                           Heating equipment          Chimneys          Septic issues                            Electrical upgrade
Foundation             Insulation Plumbing fixtures                      Wiring                                         Waterlines & service
Sewer lines             Broken glass                                                      Structural                                  Stairs and railings          
Handicap access          Lead based paint stabilization           Lead pipe replacement       Insulation 

Second Priority:
Windows          Cornices and eaves             Porches                  Doors                      Siding
Sidewalks         Electrical upgrade             Additional heat runs                                 Interior doors
Rodent/vermin infestation                          Ceiling/wall repair Painting

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Lewis County Median Income

In order to repair your home, you must meet fall within a certain percentage of the county median income. This chart below will help you to determine where you are. For more information on what limits particular grants use, click here.



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